Резиденство и гражданство в Коста-Рике
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Residency and citizenship in Costa Rica

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There are many opportunities to obtain citizenship in Costa Rica. For example, visa-free travel to many countries of the world, including all of Europe, Canada, and England (120 countries in total). In addition, the standard of living in Costa Rica is quite high, and wealthy citizens of the United States and Europe buy real estate here, who want to live in a calm and one of the most developed countries of Latin America.

Also in Costa Rica, it is not difficult to find a job or start a business. Unlike Europe, there is no need to invest or open a business with a huge capital of many hundreds of thousands.

Резиденство и гражданство в Коста-Рике

At the moment, Costa Rica offers very attractive conditions for immigration. But it should be borne in mind that everything is changing in the country’s immigration legislation, and not for the better. For those looking to buy property in Costa Rica, local real estate agencies offer properties for all tastes and budgets. It is worth noting that the quality of housing in Costa Rica is at the highest level – whether it be inexpensive apartments or large houses for wealthy people.

As you know, Costa Rica is an unusually beautiful country. Here you can see a wide variety of flora and fauna. In addition, this small country has many beautiful beaches. The population in Costa Rica is 95% Hispanic, but many speak English. Costa Rica is still considered the most developed and stable democracy in Latin America. Democracy has existed in it for over a century; elections are held every four years, in which almost 90% of the population participates. Costa Rica has a high literacy rate (95%), and the health care system is one of the best in the Americas.

Резиденство и гражданство в Коста-Рике

The immigration program provides for three categories of immigrants: “pensionados”, “rentistas” and “Investor”


“Pensionados” must have income from a pension or deposit account of at least US $ 600 per month for a period of five years (this period can be extended) or transfer to their deposit account in Costa Rica an amount equivalent to a five-year income of US $ 36,000, which you can spend on yourself at the rate of $ 7200 per year without the right to work. This category provides only for obtaining a permanent residence from one to two years after the submission of documents.


“Rentistas” must have a minimum of US $ 60,000 per person or family (husband, wife, and children under 18) for a period of two years. This money must be kept in a bank in Costa Rica on a deposit and the bank will return at the rate of $ 30,000 per year per month at $ 2,500. This money cannot be transferred abroad.


“Investor” receives the residence of Costa Rica after purchasing real estate in the amount of US $ 200,000 per person or family (husband, wife, and children under 18).

Резиденство и гражданство в Коста-Рике

You can have a business abroad and receive income from it, or live on the income of a business in Costa Rica. Family members can work in the family business and earn income.

All family members and children under 18 years of age receive a permanent residence one year after the documents are submitted by a lawyer for the residence. The residence permit is issued immediately after registration. Citizenship is granted after 7 years of permanent residence. Family members over 18 years of age must apply on their own.

All categories of immigrants must spend at least four months (120 days) a year in the country, but not necessarily four consecutive months.

In Costa Rica, you can have your own business and make a profit in the form of dividends. This net profit is subject to a 17% universal income tax.

It is also possible to obtain citizenship through marriage with a citizen or citizen of Costa Rica. Immediately after marriage, you can find yourself a job or start your own business.

Costa Rica is a very good option, if only because of the excellent living conditions and the absence of taxes on income from foreign sources.

Резиденство и гражданство в Коста-Рике

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