15 questions to ask before renting a house
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15 questions to ask before renting a house

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Of course, looking for a new home is a very exciting process and often accompanied by a lot of stress. After all, absolutely everyone wants to find the perfect place to rent, with excellent conditions, good prices and nice owners. But this does not always work out in reality. Therefore, in order to remain satisfied with your choice, you need to prepare in advance before searching.

Here are the 15 most important questions to ask a landlord before renting a house.

1. Is there a lease agreement?

In the first place, signing of the lease is a very important moment. It is in order to protect your rights and guarantee that all agreed conditions are met. Therefore, always insist on signing a contract. After all, this is a legal document, and in case of any disagreement, you can always defend yourself.

2. How long is the lease term? What happens if I break the lease?

Actually, rental periods are one year. However, some landlords insist on signing a lease on their own terms. First of all, find out how long the owner plans to rent his property to you.

Besides, it is important to clarify the terms of termination of the contract. After all, there are various unexpected circumstances, and you may need to move out ahead of time.

3. Do I need to leave a deposit? Is it refundable?

Nowadays almost all landlords require a deposit. Always remember that the deposit should be left at the time of signing the contract and refunded upon departure. If you leave a deposit, be sure to indicate this in the contract. Moreover, do not forget to check with the owner all the conditions for its return.

4. How do I pay monthly rent payments?

There are various ways to pay your rent. Many homeowners are asking to transfer money online. This is a very convenient way to protect both the tenant and the landlord. After all, you will always have electronic receipts if necessary. However, some owners ask to pay in cash. In this case, always ask for a receipt for payment. Also, before signing the contract, be sure to check all possible terms of payment for the lease.

5. Are utilities included in the rental price?

First of all, utilities can be included or not included in the rental price. If not, be sure to specify exactly what utilities you should pay. The tenant normally pays electricity, gas, and heating costs. Meanwhile, ask more about their approximate cost.

6. Are pets allowed?

Some homeowners are very categorical in relation to pets. Therefore, if you have a pet or would like to have one soon, it is better to ask the landlord beforehand. Furthermore, inquire about additional charges for having pets.

7. Who is responsible for emergency repairs?

This question is very important, especially if you want to rent a house for a long time.  Hence, find out who will cover the costs in case of any breakdowns and emergency repairs.

8. How many owners does a house have?

In general, there are cases when a house has several owners. Then all owners must be listed in the contract. It will keep you safe if another owner wants to evict you ahead of time.

9. What’s the neighborhood like?

Of course, before renting a house, ask the owner about the infrastructure: shops, hospitals, pharmacies, restaurants, and so on. Also, if you have children, it is better to investigate the nearest school, kindergarten. Besides, if you do not have your own car, information on the transport interchange will be quite relevant.

10. What Is the guest policy?

Undoubtedly, when renting a home, everyone wants maximum independence in decision-making. But nevertheless, there are landlords who are against guests in the house. Consequently, it is better to discuss this issue immediately.

11. How often does the owner intend to come?

Unfortunately, some landlords are so worried about their property that they completely forget about the rights of their tenants. That’s why, before signing the contract, find out how often the homeowner intends to come to inspect his property. And be sure to check if he plans to arrange visits in your absence.

12. What changes can I make to the house?

If you are one of those who prefer a creative approach to home decoration, consult the owner about your plans. Even such actions as punching holes in the walls, hanging shelves, repainting the walls can be a tragedy for some landlords.

13. Is there parking?

It is important to note that if you have a car, you should ask about the availability of parking. Some residential complexes provide their residents with free parking lots. Moreover, in many countries, most landlords charge a monthly fee for parking. Therefore, make it clear in advance.

14. Who are the neighbors?

When renting a home, neighbors play an important role. Indeed, in our housing, we always want peace and comfort. And it’s better to ensure that your future neighbors will not bring you discomfort and spoil your life.

15. Is there internet access?

By the way, in the XXI century, the Internet has become an absolute necessity. Hence, it is important to clarify if there is internet access. In some cases, you may have the option of free Wi-Fi, and sometimes you have to install and pay for it by yourself.

15 questions to ask before renting a house