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Differences between US and Costa Rica

Popular Foods and restaurants;

Even though some people don’t know it, there are many differences between Costa Rica and the USA, For example, the food. In Costa Rica, they have a very different culture and taste. A typical and very popular type of food is rice and beans (gallo pinto). People in Costa Rica often have it for breakfast. This (as I was saying) is very popular, but obviously not in the US. Another type of food in Costa Rica is Tamale. This is most likely an unknown word to you if you live in the US, although in Costa Rica it is most definitely not. This type of food is a type of corn mix with meat and vegetables, wrapped in a leaf. There are thousands of tamales produced each year.

In the US they have types of food like Pizza, Hamburgers, and much more. All the foods I just told you about are very different from each other. And as I was saying hamburgers are one of the most common food in the US, even though it is also sold in Costa Rica. If you don’t know what a hamburger is, which is very rare, it is a sandwich-type of food with meat and cheese. A typical restaurant and known to everybody in the US is McDonalds. A typical restaurant in Costa Rica is Rostipollos with delicious rotisserie chicken and a variety of healthy food.

Money and Economy

One of the biggest differences in Costa Rica from the USA is the money and how they handle it. People in Costa Rica often use a type of money called colones. Each dollar is about 569.00 colones. Although you can still pay with dollars in many places in Costa Rica.

Some people in Costa Rica as well as in the US have a very low salary. Although some people in the US are very rich, for example, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos. Some people in Costa Rica are also very rich like the former president and Nobel prize Oscar Arias, and former NASA astronaut Franklin Chang, among many others.  However, I can perceive that when we talk about low income, then what people in the US know as low income can be much higher than what people in Costa Rica perceive as low income. 

Even though their main source of money is colones they do also use dollars. The clothes, electronics, and cars are often more expensive in Costa Rica, for several reasons, but one of them is that there are higher taxes in Costa Rica. As well as the population of the two countries. The US population, approximately 328 million, is greater than Costa Rica’s population, approximately 5 million. This means that in the US there are usually more staff and workers than in Costa Rica. Even though they have the same stores and more, at times the stores in Costa Rica can be a bit more pricy than the ones in the US even if they are the same companies.

 People and Their way 

Did you know that 70% of the Children in Costa Rica walk to and from wherever they go especially school, although in the US children safety is more prioritized. In the US Kids either ride the bus to and from school or their parents pick them up and drop them off to school. People in Costa Rica often walk everywhere they go for many reasons weather its because they can’t afford a car or because they want to take the bus. In the US people usually take a car for whatever reason it is, it is more common to ride in a car than in Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica people are usually very happy and well joyed! If they are celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other holiday they usually go big and party all night and day. People in Costa Rica are very Caring and flexible. People in the US are both strict and Kind just because there are people from everywhere in the US. People in Costa Rica often go on the streets and sell goods for example Chips, Oranges and any other fruits. This is because Costa Rica isn’t a very wealthy country like the US.

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